Retired Veteran Receives Special Homecoming

This Veterans Day, a grateful Kentucky community is coming together for one of their newly own, honoring not only his service to the nation, but his work on the homefront.

Retired Master Sergeant Ed Hawk is relocating from Kansas, but Kentucky is already helping him lay the groundwork for his new life with the keys to a redone, mortgage-free home.

“It’s pretty overwhelming. I don’t know that I can put to words how we’re feeling. This is quite an honor,” Hawk described.

This Veterans Day brought a different kind of homecoming for the retired master sergeant.

He and his family are now an official part of Owensboro.

“And we’ve always talked about retiring in a small city in Kentucky. We really like Kentucky. And then, lo and behold, here we are with this opportunity,” Hawk explained.

His new neighbors are equally eager to have someone like Master Sergeant Hawk now nesting in Owensboro.

During his 22-year career in the Army, Hawk earned an impressive array of awards for his efforts, including two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart.

“I received a little bit of shrapnel from a hand grenade that was thrown,” Hawk recalled. “Thank goodness, nothing immediately life threatening. It was all just– I don’t want to say superficial, but it was certainly not life threatening, thank goodness.”

But this gift isn’t just to say thank you to an American hero, but also to honor and help out with the continuing service and sacrifice here at home.

The Hawk’s new home will give them enough room for their growing family, that only keeps growing.

In addition to six adult children between him and his wife, the Hawk family has fostered over 150 kids–

“We’re close, so the grandbabies can come here,” his wife Amy said. “We already have one child that’s moving here to your city. So we get to be close to the grandkids and see them, and it’s going to allow us downtime in the summer time to be able to see them.”

–And adopted three of those fosters, two of them with special needs.

“In the end we don’t want to give them a home. We don’t just want to give them a mortgage-free home. We want them to blend into the community and thrive,” said Josh Miles, who serves as Director of Military and Charitable Programs at Freedom Alliance.

With help from the Freedom Alliance and US Bank, the Hawks are turning the key on a home they now own free and clear.

They’re ready to create a new chapter for their family, and bring their spirit of contribution to the Bluegrass.

“A mortgage-free home will help us. In the past, I was able to provide real cheap heating and air conditioning repairs to the elderly, to veterans and those who weren’t able to get things fixed. This will allow us to do it on a larger scale,” Hawk said.

The Hawks join three other families across the nation being honored this Veterans Day with home donations, including near St. Louis and Cleveland.



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