Residents Weigh in on Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

In just five months, recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois. But in the meantime, cities and towns across the state are grappling with whether they should allow sales.

Early estimates are that it would bring in $500 million a year in tax revenue, but some communities are concerned about possible ramifications. While some residents support the economic boost others say they don’t want their hometown to allow recreational marijuana sales.

Edwardsville resident John Raymond says, “My thoughts are we should ban it. Too messy. I’ve been in cities that allow it for medicinal and recreational. All you have is a bunch of drug people walking around with their heads out of place.”

Cities and towns are now deciding if they’re going to restrict locations where marijuana can be sold, as well as regulations on signs and advertising.

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois on January 1st.



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