Reminder: Protect Your Property During the Holidays

Thieves often take advantage of people who leave their windows and doors open during the warmer months, but criminals also target people especially ahead of the holidays.

As people get a jump start on their holiday shopping, it’s a perfect time for thieves to take advantage. With that in mind, Owensboro police would like to remind people that car break-ins can happy anywhere at any time.

Authorities say most car break-ins take about a minute for a thief to steal your property. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean thieves are always willing to break a window. Many of them target unlocked cars.

“Most of the time your thefts from vehicles are crimes of opportunity,” says Owensboro Police Officer Andrew Boggess.

Owensboro police say many car break-ins are avoidable.

“First and foremost, lock your vehicles. Most of our thefts from automobiles are actually from unlocked vehicles,” says Officer Boggess.

Cynthia Grist says as a young driver, she always makes sure to lock her car.

“I make sure I lock my doors because my parents had people break into their cars before and you never know,” says Grist.

However, authorities say thieves can be predictable. They are generally looking for easy access and valuables.

“If someone can look in through your window and sees a cellphone or a laptop or something sitting out that’s potentially valuable, they may try to get into the vehicle whether that be breaking a window or especially if you’ve left the door unlocked,” says Officer Boggess.

Police also urge you to bring your firearms inside and lock them up every night because criminals are looking for those too.

Although this time of the year, many people are getting ready for Christmas shopping and it can be the prime time for thieves to take advantage.

“This time of the year when people have a lot of property in their vehicles presents that kind of thing, it can make it to where you are an easy target,” says Officer Boggess.

There’s a simple reminder to keep your property safe if you plan to do any holiday shopping early this year. If you have to leave your belongings in the car, you can “stow it don’t show it” by locking everything in the trunk.



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