Red Cross Sending 51 Hoosiers for Hurricane Relief

51 Hoosiers with the Red Cross, including six from the Evansville area, will be heading to the coast as Hurricane Florence approaches.

This storm is expected to bring catastrophic flooding and life-threatening tidal surges to the region.

The Red Cross says more than 1,500 workers are helping Hurricane Florence relief efforts. So far, an estimated 80 emergency response vehicles and more than 120 trailers of equipment and relief supplies have been deployed.

The Red Cross says it is preparing to provide shelter for tens of thousands of people until they can return home or find other places to stay. Some evacuation centers may not have cots, food, running water or electricity; they are meant to safely house people for about 72 hours until the storm passes and weather conditions improve.

The Red Cross is asking blood donors outside the storm area to donate due to more than 1,445 blood and platelet donations will be cancelled as Hurricane Florence moves across the Southeast. Florence has already forced the cancellation of blood drives and additional cancellations are expected over the coming days with fewer blood donors available to give at drives in and around affected areas due to poor weather conditions.

Individuals wanting to donate can click here to schedule an appointment on the Red Cross website, or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS.



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