Recovery Efforts Continue for Missing Worker in New Orleans Hard Rock Collapse

Rescue teams in New Orleans are still searching for a missing construction worker in the rubble of a deadly building collapse.

Dramatic video captured the moment when the Hard Rock Hotel toppled onto the busy street below.

Crews are still looking for Anthony Margrette. He was one of more than 100 construction workers at the Hard Rock Hotel.

His family says the grandfather was supposed to be off but was called into work at the last minute.

Chief Tim McConnell says, “Obviously we’re in rescue mode, looking for this person that’s missing, but it is still a very dangerous building.”

Hard Rock says they are not involved in this construction.

Citadel builders say they are mourning the loss of life and injuries at this accident.

They’ve actually flown in engineer experts from Europe to try to stabilize the building.

Photo Courtesy: Gerald Herbert, AP



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