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What Is Re-Canvassing in the KY Governor’s Race?

After a neck and neck race for Kentucky Governor and a narrow win at the polls for Any Beshear, Republican Governor Matt Bevin isn’t ready to concede.

Bevin has filed for a re-canvassing of the votes which will happen November 14th.

A re-canvassing is not the same as a recount which is a more in-depth process that Bevin would have to request separately and front the bill for.

Next Thursday, county clerks and other members of the election boards will be double-checking the paper and electronic summaries collected by machines at each polling location.

They are looking to confirm the number of votes for Bevin and Beshear that they reported to the state on election night are indeed correct.

County clerks in the Tri-State say the process will likely take about an hour.

Before Thursday, clerks were required to notify both Bevin and Beshear’s offices of the time and location of the re-canvass. A representative from each side may be present at that time.

Roughly 5,000 votes currently put Democrat Andy Beshear in the governor’s office in 2020.



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