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Rainfall Departs and Cool Air Returns

Good Evening,

Heavy rainfall has made its way back in over the Tri-State this evening. Generated by an advancing cold front off to our west, the rain chances will hold one for the Ohio Valley into the early morning hours tomorrow. By the time it’s all said and done, some communities across the Tri-State may be left with more than 0.50″ of precipitation

Fortunately, the rainfall isn’t expected to impact our Wednesday all that much – it should be a clearer, drier day ahead. However, those clearer and drier conditions will come at a price; a cool Canadian air mass flowing behind the passing cold front overnight will likely keep temperatures from climbing out of the upper 50s tomorrow. If our current forecast holds, Wednesday’s anticipated high of 57° will tie for our coolest afternoon since mid May!

While partially responsible for our cool, breezy midweek, higher pressure building in following the passing cold front will keep the skies above the Tri-State clear through the remainder of the work week. In addition to the added sunshine, southerly winds will return to the area by Friday – that combination is expected to help gradually drive temperatures higher as we approach the weekend ahead. We’ll top out near 70° by Friday and Saturday.

As far as additional rainfall, it looks as though we’ll have to wait until Sunday and Monday; it’s then that our next organized weather-maker is currently forecasted to reach our neck of the woods. Current model data indicates that an organized cold front will generate showers and storms beginning late Sunday before intensifying for Monday.

There is some evidence to suggest that some of the storms Monday may be strong to Severe in nature, but it remains far too early to nail down an exact timeline or intensity for that system. Of course, we’ll continue to monitor the situation as it continues to develop over the coming days.



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