Weather News

Rain on the Horizon by Late Week

Sunny skies have returned to the region this afternoon. Although it will look gorgeous, the winds will be on the rougher side. Strong northerly winds will make it feel a little harsh and slightly cooler. Wind speeds could gust as high as 25 MPH so hold on to your hats!

As far as the evening and overnight is concerned, winds will calm down and skies will remain clear. Temperatures will cool into the upper-mid 40s. That will set us up for a beautiful sunrise for tomorrow. Along with the continued bright conditions the mercury will surge into the mid-60s. However, by the evening hours for Thursday clouds will roll back into the area. Rain will traverse into the Tri-State, making it’s way into the metro area by 9 PM.

Showers will last throughout the overnight into the early-afternoon hours Friday. We will clear out by 2 PM Friday. We could receive over a half of an inch of rain.



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