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More Rain and Cold Weather Heads for the Tri-State

Good Evening,

While today’s high of 58° didn’t mark our warmest day in a while (only our warmest day since Sunday), it almost felt like it. Today’s sunshine, calm southerly wind flow and highs near 60° made for an absolutely gorgeous Tuesday afternoon! However, as we all learned watching the ‘Outsiders,’ “nothing gold can stay.” The same can be said for this beautiful weather.

Rainfall creeps its way back into the Tri-State for our Wednesday and it’s all thanks to an inbound cold front. Despite the added cloud cover and isolated rain chances, temperatures are expected to reach the mid 50s yet again, but that passing cold front will drive temperatures back into the 30s for both Thursday morning and afternoon; with rain chances sticking around during that period, we’ll also be faced with the possibility of freezing rainfall.

It appears as though we’ll receive a break from the rainfall Friday morning and early afternoon before yet another round of scattered rain makes its way back in over the Ohio valley. Part of a much larger system expected to supply a good portion of Illinois and Indiana with accumulating snowfall, the low will swing just south of Evansville ensuring that we see only rainfall.

Fortunately, even with the multiple rounds of rainfall headed for the region during the next 72 hours, we’re only expected to receive an additional 0.05″ to 0.20″ of rain between now and early Saturday morning. That being said, there are hints of an accumulating snowfall event headed for the Tri-State late in the weekend; we’ll certainly be sure to keep an eye on that.

After reaching into the 50s again on Wednesday, it looks as though the mercury will fall through the remainder of the extended forecast. In fact, afternoon highs may not even reach the 30s by the beginning of the next work week! Enjoy the warmth while it lasts!



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