Providence, KY Awarded $73,000 to Resurface Local Roads

The city of Providence, Kentucky is receiving $73,000 in discretionary funds to help pay for critical pavement improvements along Old Madisonville Road.

These repairs include looking at the existing surface cracks, potholes, raveling, and base failures.

Providence Mayor Doug Hammer identified Old Madisonville Road as being among the most critical needs in the city. It’s used as a connector from Providence to U.S. 41-Alternate and has daily school bus traffic.

“We are ecstatic and thankful to have received the grant money from Governor Matt Bevin to pave Old Madisonville Road,” said Mayor Hammer. “The additional funding will help free up our road aid money that we receive each year to pave additional streets and repair other road issues in Providence. I would like to thank Governor Matt Bevin, Gray Tomblyn, and Mark Welch for giving us an opportunity to provide our citizens with the extra road infrastructure support our community greatly needs.”



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