Protecting Your Landscaping During the Warmer Months

With the warmer weather more people are investing their time outside working in their yards, but that means making sure your belongings are also safe from being stolen.

“Landscaping is hugely important to the value of a persons property,” says JT McCarty, Colonial Classics Landscaping President.

It’s that time of year warm weather and flowers are in full bloom, but spending extra for nice lawn can come with a price.

“These days you just never know what somebody is going to steal,” says McCarty.

For landscaper JT McCarty, he says thankfully he doesn’t hear too much about landscaping being stolen, but it has happened.

“I think the theft of lawn and garden items certainly increases as the temperature warms up,” says McCarty. “Thieves are usually too lazy and can’t weather the storm in the winter time to steal things and of course we have more things out in our yards during the summer hours.”

Plants, lawn ornaments, lights, and stones are just some of the major items that customers will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on during the summer.

“We’ve got individual annual flowers in little four or five inch pots that might be four or five dollars each to trees that might be eight or nine hundred dollars each and everything in between,” says McCarty.

Earlier in the month, the Evansville Police Department investigated a reported theft at the CK Newsome Center where landscaping gravel and paver stones were taken.

McCarty says although it can happen, there are ways to make sure your property is protected.

“We always encourage people to use quality landscape lighting to accentuate lights that they may have on their home,” says McCarty. “There are some great video recording devices you can mount on your house.”

A few extra steps that can go a long way.

“To minimize it if you just use common sense and don’t leave things laying out in plain view for some thief to steal,” says McCarty.

Officials say depending on the value of the stolen items and the amount of damage, charges could possibly range from a misdemeanor or a low-level felony.



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