Proposed Senate Bill Would Implement New Gun Laws

A proposed bill to prohibit the sale, trade, and transfer of a regulated weapon to a person younger than 21 will have its first reading at the Indiana State House Monday.

Filed by Democratic Senator Greg Taylor, Senate Bill 203 would also prohibit a person from possessing, selling, or offering for sale a magazine or similar device for a firearm with a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Senate Bill 203 also says that a dealer or person who knowingly or intentionally breaks any of the aforementioned rules would be committing a level 6 felony offense.

The bill would create the crime of “unlawful possession of a multiburst trigger activator”, a Class A misdemeanor. The crime would become a Level 6 felony if the person has a prior, unrelated conviction for the offense.

The bill also states that the possession or sale of a multiburst trigger activator is a Class A misdemeanor.

A person who would knowingly or intentionally openly carry such prohibited weapons in a public place commits carrying a prohibited firearm, a Class A misdemeanor.




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