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Posey County Residents Learn More About Wind Farms

E-on-Energy is looking to build a wind farm in parts of Posey and Gibson Counties. On Wednesday, people in Posey County had the opportunity to learn more about the possible wind turbines.

That meeting was held at North Posey High School and was a chance for community members to ask questions and hear about the latest developments from the company.

The wind turbines could be 500-feet tall and could potentially be built every 80 to 100 acres.

“So, there’s a host of issues that we’ve presented and discussed publicly to try and educate the community about the concerns and hopefully tonight we’re able to get some answers from E-on on what they can do, from a siting perspective, to really resolve those issues,” said concern citizen Scott Fisher.

Right now, many property owners have concerns whether these wind farms might impact their property value.



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