Police Department Declares “No Confidence” in Chief

The Evansville Lodge of Fraternal Order of Police voted Wednesday they have “no confidence” Chief Billy Bolin as Chief of the EPD.

Members of the FOP were asked seven yes-or-no questions, and according to a press release, an overwhelming majority of answers were negative.

According to Chief Bolin, he alleged on social media that the FOP leadership has “made fun” of his motto of “Be Nice.”

The FOP will hold a news conference for Thursday at 2:30 p.m. to explain its position.

The questions presented on the ballot and the results were as follows:

  1. As an Evansville Police Officer, do you believe the citizens of Evansville are safer and crime has been reduced under Chief Bolin?78% NO

  2. Do you believe Chief Bolin ensures adequate staffing of motor patrol to provide for the safety of citizens?84% NO

  3. Does Chief Bolin prioritize the duties of law enforcement officers and the everyday functions of the Evansville Police Department over media relations?82% NO

  4. Has Chief Bolin’s elimination of the traditional chain of command improved performance and morale within the ranks of the Evansville Police Department?80% NO

  5. Are taxpayer dollars appropriately allocated within the Evansville Police Department under Chief Bolin?72% NO

  6. Are policies and procedures, including those pertaining to discipline, administered fairly and consistently within the Evansville Police Department under Chief Bolin?77% NO

  7. Do you have confidence in Chief Bolin’s ability to effectively lead the Evansville Police Department?74% NO


Read the full press release here

The tension between the Evansville Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police and Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin leads to a no-confidence vote and a motion of no-confidence.

A no-confidence vote is a statement about whether a person in a position of responsibility is no longer deemed fit to hold that position.

“I believe that the officers are having this vote because they want their voice to be heard on some matter or another,” says mayoral candidate, Steve Ary.

Evansville Police Captain Andy Chandler says despite the results, he does not think there are going to be any winners in this situation.

“It puts a bad mark on the relationship between the fop and the administration, but ultimately I absolutely believe the chief is doing the right thing and he will continue to do the right thing no matter how this vote goes,” says Capt. Chandler.

A motion of no confidence did happen, but that does not mean the Chief has to step down.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke is one of the few people who could dismiss Chief Bolin, but that doesn’t seem likely.

“Let me be crystal clear on this issue, Chief Billy Bolin and his command staff have my unequivocal support,” says Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Since the mayor is one of the few people who could dismiss Chief Bolin, it doesn’t seem like much will come out of this motion of no-confidence.

Some people, who declined to speak on camera, tell 44News this issue needs to be looked into even further.

We will keep up updated as this story develops.

[This was the initial story from Thursday]



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