Planned Parenthood Says Missouri License Will Not Be Renewed


A judge has extended the preliminary injunction in Missouri.

That means abortion access is still protected in the state.

Planned Parenthood tweeted the following:


According to CBS News, Planned Parenthood says the state of Missouri will not renew the St. Louis Clinic’s license.

Planned Parenthood has challenged Missouri lawmakers in court to keep their license. Lawmakers said they would not renew the license because the clinic was violating state regulations.

If the St. Louis Planned Parenthood loses its license, Missouri will become the first state without an abortion clinic.

In May, a judge filed a temporary injunction to allow the clinic to continue operating while the courts sorted out the license.

The judge is expected to hear arguments Friday on whether to extend the injunction.

Planned Parenthood Tweeted the following on Friday morning:


This remains a developing story.



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