Pike County Schools Set To Become Some Of Nation’s Safest

Southwestern High School in Shelbyville Indiana was dubbed the safest school in the nation when they added Net Talon security systems in 2014. Pike County School Corporation Superintendent Suzanne Blake worked in that district and took notes and followed along with the added security measures.

Years ago at a school safety meeting, Blake pitched adding that same Net Talon system to the 4 Pike County schools. On Friday, the Pike County school board approved a plan to implement a Net Talon security system at all four schools in the county.

Superintendent Blake calls the added security a paradigm shift. It’s going to add an immediate link to the Pike County E911 line. The security system will also add cameras in all the schools which can be monitored by the Pike County Sheriff’s office. Sheriff office deputies say getting that real time information would be integral if any incident is happening.

Also approved at the meeting was a 5 year leasing program to pay for the security system. Over the course of 5 years, the school will pay almost 1 million dollars to add all of the security. Blake says that adds up to around 1,200 dollars per student over the life of the lending period.

Parents say with the things they are hearing daily, the new security system is a big relief.

The school board also approved adding a school resource officer to all four schools in the district.



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