Petty Crimes on the Rise During Summer Months

Some city departments deploy extra officers as the temperatures rise while some cities are trying to install more lights at area parks.

“School is out where kids do have some additional time on their hands, where the parents have an imposed curfew during the school year. During the Summer they may relax that by a couple of hours. So there are more kids out doing stuff,” says Sergeant Jason Cullum with the Evansville Police Department.

It’s this group that’s been a particular focus for several cities.

“Evansville has great kids and then there are a few that are out there vandalizing. We have seen it at some of their parks and unfortunately at Mickey’s Kingdom we’ve had a couple cases where people have used markers to put graffiti on the play structure,” says Sgt. Cullum

“They are riding bikes with the kid, they are spending the night at someones house and all of a sudden they are out there looking in cars.”

That could be part of the reason behind the number of criminal mischief complaints in Evansville.

Shoppers run a greater risk of having bags, or valuables stolen while they’re out and about.

“I dropped my wallet in a gas station in the bathroom and I went back like literally 30 minutes after that and then it was just gone. If it wasn’t for the store owner finding it I probably wouldn’t have gotten it back,” says Evansville resident Autumnn Benson.

Vacationers are often targeted because of their social media post. Something that is happening throughout the Tri-State.

“I don’t post on social media because you never know who is really looking even if locked down, and somebody could just be looking for an opportunity,” says Evansville resident and mother Keri Jackson.

Being vigilant and locking your car, home, and windows is recommended.

“You can put a 2×4 in so if somebody tries to open it from the outside they can’t,” says Jackson.

Police say keeping your property locked up is a good way to deter thieves.



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