Pet Anxiety Coping Methods During Fireworks

“For my own personal dogs they are going to be in a closet, somewhere they feel safe with a blanket,” says Melissa Mosbey, the owner of All Breed Boarding and Daycare in Evansville.

Pets usually love the outdoors, but bright lights and banging sounds on Independence Day can have pets scurrying for cover. Boarding facilities are seeing an increase in pets during the Fourth of July, and many have methods to keep pets calm during what can be an exciting night.

“We turn up that music, and make sure they are in their appropriate spots so that they are not going to get upset,” says Mosbey.

Dogs are usually comfortable in dark, seclusive places. Blankets or pressure devices such as a thunder shirts can help reduce anxiety. Chew toys could also be a good distraction.

“That way they are per-occupying their time, they are not worried about what is outside,” says Mosbey.

Bringing a pet indoors doesn’t always block out the noise of the fireworks.

As a pet owner we grow to know what makes our pets uncomfortable. 44News reporter Amanda Porter’s dog Rafi is comfortable with loud noises, but other dogs may need soothing or coping methods to deal with the anxiety they could experience from fireworks.

“We never know where a stray fire work is going to go astray and scare them so they can escape,” says Mosbey.

Some pets who are extremely anxious may need alternative care.

“If the owner wants us to give a specific anxiety medicine then we will give that anxiety medicine whether it is a thunder coat, cbd oil, or whatever they prescribe for their pet,” says Mosbey.

Veterinarians say loud noises can have a lasting impact on pets.

“Some of my own clients there dogs do have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from certain things, it can be fireworks,” says Mosbey.

“Be considerate of our pets as we are of our soldiers. They are going to have P.T.S.D as much as we do.”

It is recommended to have a collar and tag on your pet with identification information.



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