People React to Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

People against Trump’s ban on people who are transgender from serving in the military say 140 characters is not the way to change a policy. While those in favor say it may make sense.

Politico reports the reason for Trump’s decision is because lawmakers were planning to pass a spending bill but conservative republicans did not want that bill to include money for gender reassignment surgery.

With the treat of the bill failing, GOP leaders turned to Trump, who decided that people who are transgender would be banned from serving altogether.

Tri-State Alliance president Wally Paynter is disappointed in President Trump’s decision to ban people who are transgender from serving in the military.

“People that are transgender serve in every aspect of the armed forces,’ said Paynter. “People need to be judged on their abilities of who they are, not on preconceived notions of who they might be.”

While many lawmakers, both republican and democrat have spoken out against Trump’s decision. Some say, once the policy is explained more in depth it will make more sense.



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