“Pennies for Ruby” Raises Thousands

A Kentucky community is coming together for a student in need of a liver transplant.

The 6 year old’s classmates and others in the community are raising funds to help make it happen.

“She always comes in, she grabs me and hugs me, she’s always smiling,” teacher Kim Masteller said of Ruby Knelson.

But little Ruby is dealing with some big challenges.

“When I found out she needed a liver, God put on my heart to do some kind of fundraiser,” Masteller explained.

So students and staff at Sorgho Elementary have come together collecting coins: “Pennies for Ruby.”

So far, $3,962.

But that total’s now grown thanks to some caring Kentucky truckers.

“We like to give a certain amount to somebody in the community who needs it,” said Zebb Cowan with Truckers Helping Hands. “We heard about ‘Pennies for Ruby’ and we thought that would be a perfect plan that fits our vision.”

And today, she got a “big” check, adding over $300 to the total as part of the proceeds from the last Truckers Helping Hands show.

“It feels good. It helps people. It helps Ruby,” Cowan said.

And while Ruby was a little shy with all the excitement, she still had one thing she wanted to say:

“Thank you.”

Ruby’s journey is still not over.

If you’re interested in helping out with some of the fundraising, you can drop off donations to Sorgho Elementary, or give to Truckers Helping Hands.



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