Pen Pals Meet in Person

Daniel White and his pen pal Jack Brown finally got to meet face to face. Their love for swimming is something that instantly brought them together.

Brown says being on the water was a big part of his life.

“When we were young, we operated a water ski school and I have probably over 300 water skis,” says Brown. He says he wishes he still taught water skiing lessons, but he is looking forward to giving his pen pal a tour of a lighthouse he built. “I remember when I was young and somebody has done something for me, it just sticks with you all of your life.”

This pen pal program was part of Domtar’s PaperPal program, something they have had success with in the past.

“Experiences that they shared with us and learning with the experiences that they’ve had, and they’ve experienced, we were like, ‘We want to be a part of that, that sound like something that sounds fantastic to be a part of,'” says Jamie Guillaume Perry Central Elementary School’s Assistant Principal.

Some adults and children who participated in the program say it was a rewarding experience.

Not only is having a pen pal fun, but research shows that writing to them has neurological benefits for adults and children.



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