Parents of Five Year-Old Rescued From Well Pipe Speaks Out

The Hassebrock family says their five year-old son Leo is doing just fine after he fell into a well pipe on the Fourth of July.

Leo’s parents Daniel and Dianna thanked the Evansville Fire Department today and said staying calm during the rescue was easy despite their son being trapped for more than an hour and a half.

“It don’t seem like long, but when you are laying on the ground in a little hole you feel helpless. That’s a long time,” says Daniel Hassebrock.

The father says it felt like time stopped after his son Leo fell 30 feet down into an old industrial well pipe.

“It was the worst time in my life. That is a feeling that I wouldn’t want anyone to go through you know. When he started talking I felt a little bit better at that time,” says Daniel.

The family is thankful to be together and safe after an independence day celebration ended with a dramatic rescue.

“I just came up with the idea that if we can get something between his legs and yank him up that way he’s not going to fall over,” says Evansville Firefighter Lucas Macke.

“So I came up with that idea of what if we got a seat from a swing?”

Signatures of the first responders now cover the swing that was cut down from a local park for the rescue.

Evansville Police tried to send two officers down the 15 inch well, but the swing turned out to be the best option. Leo was nervous as first responders worked and so were his two sisters. His mother says she is just thankful her family is safe.

“Just tried to keep him calm and tried to help them give him directions on what they needed him to try to do if he could. And so I was doing the best I could to stay myself calm and keep him calm,” says Dianna.

“When we first got him out he looked at me and said, “Hey daddy,”” says Daniel.

“I can’t explain how thankful me, my wife, and my daughters our family and our friends… I mean there are no words that can describe you know if something were to happen to one of my kids, oh man.”

The Hassebrock family thanks the Evansville Fire and Police Departments as well as the first responders for their efforts rescuing their son.



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