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Paramedic Matt Kohl Is This Week’s Hometown Hero

They are the first responders who are at the scene, helping save lives in our community.

“Your day could be three or four runs, it could be 12 to 14, so you really don’t know what you’re walking into at any given moment,” says Matthew Kohl, Paramedic. “Our job is not to panic. Usually when we’re there, there is enough people doing it as we are kind of the calm in the middle of the storm.”

For Matthew Kohl, he just graduated and became a licensed paramedic in the State of Indiana earlier this month after being an EMT the last four years.

“My new position kind of puts me as the answer guy,” says Kohl. “When things are going poorly, I’m the guy that has to come up with a solution. Usually I have a team of people who are relying on me to come up with the answer to whatever problem they have and that puts a lot of pressure on someone, especially when it’s an entirely new process.”

Kohl also serves as a field training officer at AMR teaching new hires about the process and getting them familiar with the job.

He says being a paramedic doesn’t always involve life or death situations, but rather finding solutions.

“There are people that need help and they don’t know how else to get it, and were kind of the lily pad,” says Kohl. “We get people where they need to be.”

For local EMS, Kohl says everyday is different from the one before.

“No two contacts are the same,” says Kohl. “By nature if I’m meeting somebody, it’s because they aren’t having a good day and I just enjoy being a part of the process to help fix that.”

This week marks National EMS week and here in the Tri-State we’re honoring Matt Kohl as this week’s Hometown Hero.

“I love this city. I love this job. I love my coworkers, so I can’t imagine doing anything else,” says Kohl.



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