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Owensboro Voters Talk Socially Distanced Primary

As voters lined up to get inside before polling ends at 6 p.m. — it’s the most activity the Owensboro Sportscenter would see for at least the first half of Tuesday, June 23.

And it was a surreal voting experience, with poll workers and voters separated by plexiglass shields, voters casting ballots with pens.

“They’ve got it like a well-oiled machine in there,” said voter Effie Weaver. “Everybody’s hand sanitizing and social distancing.”

And while poll workers prepared for a huge turnout and congested lines, that wasn’t exactly the case in Owensboro, even with just one voting location.

“And that’s why they had so many spots open for filling out the ballots and so many tables for registering to vote,” said poll worker Steve Tobin.

This year has also seen one of the highest number of early votes cast in a primary — with 18,000 Daviess County voters requesting absentee ballots.

“They just told me in line I was cleared to vote,” said voter John Keelin. “Evidently, they didn’t get my request.”

Even with some hassles — it was worth voting in person.

“I’m a disabled veteran and I was wounded in combat in Vietnam and so I shed blood so people can do this,” Keelin said. “And I feel it’s you know, our constitutional right.”

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