Owensboro Priest on Temporary Suspension

An Owensboro priest is on temporary suspension after a report of sexual abuse.

Following the policy of the Diocese of Owensboro, Fr. Joseph Edward Bradly has been temporarily suspended after a report of sexual abuse of a minor.

The alleged sexual abuse initially took place in the 1980s when Fr. Bradly was principal at Owensboro Catholic High School. The incident was immediately reported on Tuesday, February 26th to the local Commonwealth Attorney’s office and the Diocesan Review Board.

He was ordained a priest of the diocese in 1975, became a staff member at Owensboro Catholic High School in 1976. He served as principal at the Owensboro Catholic High School from 1980 through 1985. He has pastored five parishes in the Diocese of Owensboro; was the vocations director for four years; retired from public ministry in 2011 and began his role as a volunteer chaplain at Owensboro Catholic High School at that time.

Owensboro Catholic High School graduates are speaking out about their thoughts on the alleged sexual abuse.

“It’s hard to believe. It’s shocking to us,” says an Owensboro Catholic High School 1990 graduate. “He was a principle, a priest, and a friend to many. He came out to be friends with everybody in Owensboro and I think that is what memories everybody is going to take with them from who Father Bradley was.”

Fr. Bradley will remain suspended until the investigation is complete.



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