Owensboro Man Arrested for Attempted Murder on Police Officers During Chase

An Owensboro man remains behind bars in the Daviess County Jail following a police pursuit where he almost ran over officers.

Daviess County Sheriff’s Office said that 26-year-old Timothy Webster is facing charges of Attempted Murder of Police Officers, Wanton Endangerment of Police Officers, and other charges.

Late Sunday night, Owensboro Police, Owensboro Fire, and AMR responded to a vehicle accident in the 2700 block of Veach Road.  When crews arrive, Webster fled the scene in one of the cars involved and almost struck police officers and other emergency crews.  Webster fled outside of Owensboro, where Daviess County Sheriff Deputies picked up his vehicle along Highway 56.

Webster was chased until the intersection of Highway 56 & Highway 500, where he missed a curve and crashed into a ditch.  Webster tried to run away but was caught by deputies.




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