Owensboro and Henderson Receive Grants From Kentucky Homeland Security

Two Kentucky cities are among others throughout state to receive grant money for Kentucky Department of Homeland Security.

Owensboro and Henderson will receive thousands of dollars, allocated from a federal grant that goes towards the purchase of equipment to protect communities from threats of terrorism and fund enhancements of Kentucky’s 911 system.

City of Owensboro will receive $44-thousand dollars for “explosive device mitigation” for first responders.

City of Henderson will receive $136-thousand dollars for “power equipment” for critical infrastructure.

KOHS will fund 39 projects statewide, totaling over $2.9 million.  The funds will go to other city and county governments to purchase first responder, communications, and cyber security equipment for protection to counter treats of terrorism in the Commonwealth.

“Once again, demand for homeland security grant funding far exceeded available dollars,” said Kentucky Homeland Security Advisor John Holiday. “Balancing critical need with underserved areas and emphasizing regional impact allows KOHS to maximize impact for the first responders of the Commonwealth and the people they serve throughout Kentucky.”



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