Owensboro Delegation Returns From U.S. Border

The Del Rio Sector of the U.S. Border in Texas has seen a 754% increase in family apprehensions last year. This has left all eight of the Catholic charities divisions on the Texas Mexico border crying for help.

As migrants are released from Border Patrol Centers, they are typically sick, tired, hungry, dirty, and have been separated from their family. This is something Susan Montalvo-Gesser saw first hand while working in a shelter on the border.

“She started crying and so I held her and asked her in Spanish what was going on and her daughter had turned 18 so they kept her daughter in detention and she didn’t know where her daughter was. Having a 19-year-old daughter myself it just struck a chord with me,” says Director of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Owensboro.

Montalvo-Gesser says she was told the conditions of detention were dehumanizing. While working in the shelters they would give migrants fresh food, clothes, and their first shower in a while.

The shelters on the border are still in need of more volunteers and clothes, specifically “medium” and “small” size clothing. If you have clothes you would like to donate you can mail them to 1616 Callaghan Street Laredo, TX 78040.



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