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Online Outrage Over Cyberbullying

Outrage on social media continues today over students said to be bullying one of their own in a group chat.

Now, one former Warrick County student who says she worked personally with the targeted student wants more done.

Parents and former students are calling for the removal of administrators in an online petition, saying the school’s response to degrading comments toward a special needs student is less than adequate.

“I’m just hoping that with my experience I can be a voice. And with this petition it’s brought out other kids that have had the experience. They’ve shared the petition and they put their story on there. So it’s not just me. It’s not this student that’s currently having problems. It’s so, so many students and its finally come to light,” explained Paige Gaw.

That petition is Paige’s plea for something more to be done at Castle High School.

“I love those kids and they taught me more than that school could or any school could ever teach me about life and growing up. So I tried even after I graduated to go and visit them,” she recalled.

Her push comes following comments made toward a student at Castle High by his classmates outside of school.

Screenshots from a group chat appear to show other teenagers repeatedly used degrading names and descriptions for the targeted student, with comments that made fun of perceived social and mental differences.

Superintendent Brad Schneider admits the incident did in fact happen, and the students were disciplined.

“There is no room for bullying at our schools,” he stated. “And we’re not going to put up with bullying. If it does occur then we’re going to address it.”

However, he says bullying is not a common issue they deal with at Castle:

“No. It’s just like any other school in the state of Indiana or the country as far as that goes. When incidents of bullying are reported, they’re fully investigated. If they’re found to be truthful, then students are disciplined accordingly.”

And as far as the petition goes, the superintendent says he was not aware of the signing effort.

“I have no response to that.”

The superintendent added that while students at Castle High School may be spoken to about social media, at this time he was not aware of any plans for changes across Warrick County Schools.



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