Official: Lightning Caused Jim Beam Bourbon Warehouse Fire

Lightning has been determined to be the cause of the Jim Beam warehouse fire that caused bourbon to spill into creeks and rivers.

According to multiple reports, Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet spokesman John Mura confirmed the cause on Wednesday.

The fire occurred July 2 in Woodford County and destroyed nearly 45,000 barrels of bourbon. Because of the fire, some alcohol drained into the Glenns Creek to the Kentucky River and then to the Ohio River where, fish died.

Equipment was brought in by Jim Beam and environmental officials to restore oxygen to the water in an attempt to minimize the number of fish killed.

According to a Facebook post by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, the alcohol plume is fully in the Ohio River where it is dissipating as it moves along.

They also say they’re seeing no new reports of fishkills, however remnant fish killed in the Kentucky River are being spotted.



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