NRA Members Gather for Annual Convention in Indy

Hundreds of firearm company’s busy putting the finishing touches on their displays at the Indiana Convention Center. This week, Indy will play host to not only the NRA’s annual convention but also to President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence.

Thousands of NRA members are starting to arrive here at the convention center anxious to get a look at the newest gear. From personal firearms and hunting rifles to semi-automatic weapons the more than 800 exhibitors offer a look at their latest guns.

For many who attend the convention, it is not only about a sport or hobby but the ability to defend themselves. One former law enforcement officer says the Second Amendment is the first line of defense.

Former law enforcement officer Hana Bildeau says, “Whether you are a civilian who is trying to protect yourself, you’ve had your safety compromised and want to rely on you as your first line of defense or you are a law enforcement officials out there protecting others. I think that the Second Amendment, its an honor for us to have that and live by that.”

With the threat of mass shootings on everyone’s mind gun owners say it’s important to protect the Second Amendment but to also be an educated and responsible gun owner.

Certainly a polarizing topic in today’s climate. City officials say they do expect to see several hundred protestors this weekend. Only NRA members will be allowed into the convention but a designated area outside the convention center has been set up for protesting.

President Trump and Vice President Pence will be arriving Friday to speak at the NRA forum.

They are set to take the stage at 10 a.m.

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