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Our Next Cold Front and Additional Rainfall

Good Evening,

It was another nearly flawless day throughout the Tri-State. After seeing temperatures dip into the lower 40s early this morning, afternoon highs climbed into the low 70s; all-the-while, we never dealt with an ounce of cloud cover. Well, things are about to change.

With higher pressure (the reason behind today’s clear conditions) on its way out, we turn our attention to our next weather-maker out east. Currently spanning the upper Great Plains and South Central Canada is a complex of lower pressure that will, not only supply us with our next round of rainfall, but also plunge temperatures back into the 50s by Wednesday.

The latest models indicate that a broken line of showers and storms will reach our westernmost counties on Tuesday afternoon around 4PM ahead of the advancing cold front. The first of the rainfall will reach Evansville shortly thereafter, though that initial chance of precipitation will play second fiddle to the main even later in the evening.

The line of showers and storms will continue to gel together and intensify as the cold front pushes further east. The well-developed and defined line of thunderstorm activity is expected to form west of Evansville before reaching the River City around 7PM or 8PM Tuesday. While some of the cells embedded within the line may generate frequent lightning, heavy downpours and gusty winds, we are not anticipating any organized threat for Severe Weather tomorrow night. By the time it’s all said and done Wednesday morning, rainfall totals will likely range between 0.25″ and 0.75″ for the majority of us; isolated totals north of 0.75″ remain a possibility.

As the storms subside during the predawn hours Wednesday, a cooler Canadian air mass will spread through the region. Following a warmer day on Tuesday, we’ll find ourselves with morning lows around 44° Wednesday morning before only climbing as high as 57° in Evansville on Wednesday afternoon (matching our coolest day afternoon since mid May). The clear skies and northerly wind flow that night will have you reaching for the winter jacket early Thursday – expect a morning low of 39° in Evansville come Thursday morning.



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