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New on the Small and Silver Screens

As Halloween candy goes on clearance, turkeys fill the freezers at the grocery store, and everyone is piping Christmas tunes through the speakers — you’ll be searching for something to make the family road trip go faster, or to sit, and watch quietly while you nurse your giant food baby…

It’s a slow week for streaming services, so I’ve hunted down the best shows and movies for those November lazy days.

New on Netflix this week — “The End of the World” season 2!

Based on the award-winning series of comic books by Charles Forsman, The End of the World invites viewers into the dark and confusing lives of teen outsiders — James — who is pretty sure he’s a psychopath — and cool, moody, new girl at school — Alyssa — as they embark on a road trip to find Alyssa’s father, who left home when she was a child.

This blood-soaked, true romance is perfect for binge-watchers as episodes are only 20 minutes long — and season 2 — which picks up 2 years after season 1, promises to be just as deliciously dark as the first.

Also available today on Hulu, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 and this weekend, the complete 5th season of You’re the Worst.

In theaters this weekend — some flicks you may not have heard of…

What happened to Danny in “The Shining”?

That’s the question that “Doctor Sleep” tries to answer.

Most critics say the sequel is laborious and unnecessary, but if you’re a Stephen King fan — Variety says Doctor Sleep, “…may register, in the end, as a long footnote, but it makes you glad that you got to play in that sinister funhouse.”

If you’re the type who thinks it’s never too early for sappy holiday flicks, grab your “giving up pants” and boyfriend pillow — “Last Christmas” — the tale of Kate — who’s accepted her life of bad decisions and dates with disaster, is out Friday.

In true rom-com style, Kate’s life takes a turn when she meets Tom…but she wonders if he’s too good to be true…

Starting at Showplace Cinemas South tomorrow…you know, the three dollar theater…it’s an all kid-friendly weekend with Dora and the Lost City of Gold, The Lion King and Toy Story 4.

Enjoy the extra butter and surround sound — and be sure you get there early enough to review the trailers.

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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