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New on Small Screens and Coming to Silver Screens

Netflix dropped an epic amount of content over the weekend, and you may have noticed that they are recommending their originals in your feed.

The streaming service kept suggesting that I watch one such movie so many times, that I gave up and pressed play…and so should you!

“Murder Mystery”…Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler team up again for this campy tribute — clearly inspired by, and nodding their hats to, anything and everything whodunnit from Sherlock to Hitchcock, Christie and “Clue”.

If you have 97 minutes to spare, and a judgement free attitude, you’ll really enjoy it!

If you don’t, and I didn’t, break it into chunks.

By day 3, for me, into “Murder Mystery”–Jennifer Aniston climbs behind the wheel for the most thrilling (for a rom-com), and adorable car chase scene.

She is so stuntin’ behind the wheel of that Ferrari!

It was a bit obviously ad-libby for my taste, but I still say time well spent.

Thanks again, Netflix.

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Coming to the silver screens August 2nd, “Daughter of the Wolf”.

Watching the trailer will leave you asking, is Richard Dreyfuss really in a female fronted version of “Taken”?

Yep…press play.

Director David Hackl’s action-thriller revolves around a military veteran’s determination to rescue her son from his kidnappers in the wintry wilderness, taking justice into her own hands.

Gina Carano stars as the mama bear intent on rescue and retribution.

Early reviews hail the film as “an intense action thriller” with breathtaking scenery, and a “deeply moving film that tests the strength of a mother’s love”.

That’s what’s new on your small screen and what’s coming to the silver screen.

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