New Research Reveals Evolutionary Connection to Puppy Dog Eyes

New research finds “Puppy Dog Eyes” are an evolutionary trick dogs use to get what they want. However, scientists say it’s more than the prospect of a threat leads to those adorable eyes.

They believe it’s evolution.

Researchers in the United States and Britain compared the anatomy and behavior of dogs to wolves. They found during thousands of years; dogs developed a distinct eyebrow movement wolf don’t have.

It makes their eyes appear larger, like a baby, creating what scientists call a “cute factor.”

“That eyebrow movement hijacks our emotions, triggers some kind of nurturing or care giving response like what you see in human parts paying attention to their own infants,” said Duquesne University lead researcher Anne Burrows.

In a prior study, researchers found “Puppy Dog Eyes” are so effective dogs with more expressive faces often get adopted faster from shelters.



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