New Housing Initiative Offers Support to Foster Children

Every year, around 20,000 teenagers age out of the foster care system. Within just four years, up to a quarter of those teenagers end up homeless.

Now, the federal government is stepping in to help.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s new housing initiative called “Foster Youth to Independence” (FYI) is quickly gaining momentum.

The FYI program offers housing vouchers to local public housing authorities in an attempt to prevent or end homelessness among young adults under the age of 25 who are about to leave or have recently left the foster care system without a home to go to.

So far through the program, more than $2 million has gone towards helping nearly 250 former foster children.

Though the FYI program just recently started, Secretary Carson says it’s already been a big enough success that he’s adding almost $500,000 more to help more former foster kids find homes.

You can find more information on the Foster Youth to Independence housing initiative here.



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