New Developments in Train Crash

We are learning more tonight surrounding a train smashing into an SUV.

Around 6:30 Tuesday night, Evansville police responded to the crash along Wabash and Ohio.

Witnesses tell police the driver of the SUV stopped his car in the middle of the tracks, but that’s not what the driver says.

The driver tells 44News he ran through a stop sign, since his brakes weren’t working, and then his car stopped once it went up on the train tracks. The people in the car couldn’t see a train at the time, but they knew it was a race against the clock before a train would plow into them.

The 911 call made moments after the hectic scene almost turned deadly is chilling.

“There’s some guys. I think they are all drugged out. Their car is on the tracks and the train just hit it,” says the 911 caller.

The driver of the car says one of his friends in the back seat jumped into action after his brakes gave out on the tracks. His friend pulled everyone out of the car but tells 44News he then collapsed on the tracks as the train was heading towards them.

“I said, ‘hey get your buddy off the tracks’ because you could hear the train horn in the distance so we knew the train was coming,” says the 911 caller to dispatch. “He actually had to help the one guy off the tracks.”

The fact that a man way laying in the middle of the train tracks alarmed and confused one bystander.

“I offered to help him and this guy started talking off the wall. I think they are both on something because the one on the tracks was yelling ‘Help me up!’ like he was a turtle or something, but he jumped up and ran off on his own,” says the 911 caller,

The man who was laying on the tracks tells 44News he ran off after someone lifted his legs so he could move. He says the reason he fled is that he’s on parole.

According to the incident report, the driver of the SUV said he would not identify his friends who were in the car unless they were dead or hurt. EPD says this investigation will be handed over to another agency.



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