New Details in Historic Home Crash

For a second time this week, another driver crashes into the front of one historic Evansville home. Now crews have started the process of removing those vehicles from the Raleigh house.

In the past few minutes, both vehicles were removed from the crash site. Crews say the second driver almost hit the front porch which cost about $100-thousand to build.

44News was first at the scene this morning and has the most complete new information.

Sgt. DJ Thompson with Evansville Police spoke to 44News about how an early morning accident with an unexpected turn.

“A second vehicle didn’t make the curve,” he detailed. “Coming around he came into the yard, went through two yards, hit a utility pole, then hit the truck that was already involved in the previous accident here.”

30-year-old Justin Bausinger of Henderson was behind the wheel of what neighbors said was a friend’s SUV.

“Our officers did a test for intoxication,” Thompson iterated. “We’ve done a field sobriety test on him and he passed the test.”

What exactly caused him to lose control remains unclear, according to Thompson.

“He said he was just driving, and he looked up and he was going through the grass.”

Court records indicate Basinger is on probation out of Henderson county for a burglary and drug dealing.

But in this instance, no charges have been filed.

The damage done however was clearly visible. Bausinger was left with a gauze bandage around his leg. For homeowners, the crash left them with frayed nerves, and a scene that will take more now to repair.

“They already had planned to get the structure fixed up so it wouldn’t get any worse. I think this has probably made things a little worse,” Thompson conceded.

The impact rocked the already unstable structure, and has those living here rattled. They’re worried not only about the historic house but for their own safety.

Speaking off camera, one woman next door shared her realization: if the original wrecked truck had been elsewhere, her home would have been directly in the path of the out-of control vehicle, and the next loss on the historic banks of the Ohio.

Even with over a century of history the chances of not one–but two–vehicles colliding into this building are remote.

But still, neighbors are saying: meetings need to happen to make sure that something like this never happens again.

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