New Allegations Against Accused Scammer

The woman accused of scamming a grieving Tri-State family out of thousands of dollars headed to court today.

Her appearance before the judge comes amid new allegations from Deaconess Hospital that she tried to get people to also donate money using their name.

Caroline Rich didn’t respond to questions on the allegations against her as she left Vanderburgh Circuit Court.

Rich left her home for court just before 1:00 PM to hear 9 felony counts against her for theft, forgery and counterfeit.

She’s accused of wrongfully taking money in connection with the family of Oliver Dill, the three year old boy who died in July after being left in a hot car.

Vanderburgh County deputies say that of nearly $20,000 meant for laying Oliver Dill to rest, only about $1000 went to cover funeral expenses.

She’s accused of pocketing the rest, saying to deputies she was only trying to help.

But the Dill family, and Dignity Memorial/SCI Shared Resources where she worked as a family services counselor, aren’t the only ones with complaints against Rich.

Deaconess Health released a statement saying that Rich was calling claiming to be raising money for hospice, despite not being affiliated with the organization.

It’s not clear if she will face additional legal action in this claim.

Rich has her next court date set for the end of October.



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