Neighbors React to Fatal Shooting in Evansville

One man is in jail in connection to an Evansville homicide.  Brandon Brown is facing murder charges for the death of Cory Lee Hughes.

A 911 caller showed up to this house on East Maryland Street Friday morning looking for his cousin.  Instead, he found the front door wide open and bloody footprints leading to the kitchen where Hughes was shot in the head.

Caller: “He’s lying face down in a puddle of blood I don’t know what’s going on with him.”

Dispatcher: “Did you ever hear him talk or cry?”

Brandon Brown

Caller: “No, it sounds like he was in there gasping for air.”

Brown is accused of shooting Hughes Friday morning.  Investigators found the gun used in the murder at Brown’s home.  Police also found blood evidence in Brown’s vehicle which was caught on surveillance video outside Hughes‘ home.

Courtney Williams lives just across the street with her three young children and was shocked when she walked out her front door that morning.

“I just seen them pull his body out, and he had blood all over him,” says Williams.

She says she doesn’t know Hughes personally.

“I just know he had two little kids over there a lot,” says Williams. 

Hughes’ family tells me those two little kids and another child are left without a father and Williams says now she’s scared because of her own little ones.

“It just makes me really, really nervous. I know Evansville is not very, it’s not really like a violent place, but I thought this was a safe neighborhood, but maybe I was wrong,” says Williams. 

Brown is scheduled to face a judge at 10 a.m. Thursday as police continue to investigate.



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