Neighbors Ask for Flood Relief

The Evansville City Council voted to spend $2.2 million to fix a neighborhood impacted by flooding.

In the neighborhood surrounding North Iroquois Drive, flooding has been an ongoing issue.

“There’s a lot of people who have had a lot of problems. People can’t get out and drive in it. You can’t even get out because it’ll be two feet deep,” says resident, Eric Herrmann.

Eric Herrmann has lived on North Iroquois Drive for nearly 40 years. He says flooding has always been an issue, but lately it’s been getting worst.

“The problems didn’t really get this bad until the Teachers Federal Credit Union built their big building that they have and their parking lot, which used to be a field that would absorb all the rainwater,” says Herrmann.

Herrmann says the neighborhood has flooded 13 times in the past nine months.

“It’s old and we are tired of it and we want it fixed,” says Herrmann.

Officials say it’s going to cost more than $2 million to fix the drainage system. This is a price some people say will spare residents from getting stranded and having to pump water out of their crawl spaces.

“Oh it’s definitely worth it,” says Herrmann. “You’ve got over 100 homes on these three streets that are affected.”

City engineer, Brent Schmitt, says they have a plan to alleviate the flooding, a lot of that has to do with expanding the outdated drainage system.

“They are 12-inch storm sewer pipes so they are on the small end being that it is on the east side of Evansville, it’s very flat so we don’t have a whole lot of elevation so we tasked our designers to get the largest system possible in there,” says Schmitt.



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