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Neighborhood Celebrates Christmas in July

We often celebrate the holidays with family and friends, but it’s a time we can easily take for granted.

“We’re really looking forward To celebrating it with her,” says

Described as an “angel,” 16-year-old Sarah has a fond love of reading, music, and flamingos.

“She has a beautiful smile,” says Dana Schoenbaechler, Sarah’s Mother. “It doesn’t matter how bad her day is. She’s still smiles.”

She has cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities.

“She’s currently in Hospis and essentially what it does is it causes her body organs to shut down slowly,” says Katelin Bradley, Sarah’s sister.

Which is why Sarah’s family decided just a few weeks ago to throw her a parade celebrating two very important days.

“We went with a Christmas in July theme because we don’t Know if she’ll be with us until Christmas, so we really wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate her halfway-birthday and Christmas in July.”

From Christmas light, birthday signs, stockings, trees, and a decked out flamingo golf cart.

“To see this. Our neighbors to join Ian in celebrating…its awesome.”

“As a special needs parent myself I thought that it would be really special for not only Sarah, but her family as well,” says Holly Brown, neighbor.

And it’s a day that a community is trying to make as a memorable as possible.

“I just hope it brings a beautiful smile to her and just lets her know how much she’s loved and how much she’s cared for, and what she’s given to us– we want to give back,” says Schoenbaechler. “Just to see the community come back together for her is just amazing. It’s amazing.”



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