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(Nearly) Free Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is full of cookies, wishes, carols and gifts…but it can also be tough on your wallet.

We know that’s not what the season is about, so if your holiday budget is a bit tight after Shop Local Saturday, there are plenty of presents you can give that cost absolutely nothing or close to it!

If you’re like me, you have ticket stubs, photo booth snaps and other memories in a drawer.

Swap sentimental value for spending money and frame one of those memories!

Did you go on a first date to the movies, or a concert?

Or are you the type to have constant adventures?

Get those stubs out of the drawer and remind the recipient of all the fun you’ve had together.

The frame is the biggest expense for this sweet gift.

They say that little things go a long way…so write up some coupons for chores nobody likes doing — like the dishes, cleaning the tub, or folding clothes.

This is the gift of relaxation that can be redeemed at any time!

Speaking of IOU’s…they don’t have to be chores, they can also be for massages or the gift of your precious time when you make a coupon for a surprise lunch or coffee date.

We all know that re-gifting isn’t ideal, so don’t think of scouring thrift shops and flea markets for unique gifts as the cheap way out…think of it as a treasure hunt for something one of a kind!

This next idea is genius, and I’ve actually done it before…

Redeem your credit card points!

Most credit cards let you redeem for gift cards, merchandise and sometimes even cash back!

If you haven’t checked those in a while…you might have enough for 2 gifts.

You can also gift a subscription service like Birchbox, Loot Crate or Japan Box for 15 to 20 bucks a month…they’ll get a gift every month for a year!

Hopefully, this list of (almost) free holiday gift ideas will help you have the happiest of holiday seasons!

And if you have some inexpensive-present suggestions that you’d like to add, let me know about them.

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