Nearly 600 Birds, 10 Dogs Rescued in Animal Fighting Raid

State officials raided two central Indiana counties Thursday rounding up animals being trained to fight. Authorities confirm 10 dogs and more than 550 birds were taken from the two farms.

Martin Anderson was arrested at his home in Camby, Indiana facing charges in connection with an animal fighting investigation. An Indiana State Police SWAT Team carried out the raid on his property.

Neighbors say Anderson was known to take in stray dogs and it was a noisy scene. But it was nothing like the ruckus out back of the LMB Farm in Owen County.

Superintendent of Law Enforcement Gaming Commission Rob Townsend says, “We don`t have anything at this point that leads us to believe that there is fighting going on here. Basically, we have the tip that they`re being raised for the purpose of fighting and that’s why we acted.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals came in to take care of the animals.



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