Nationwide Run on Guns Amid Coronavirus Stock-Up

Some Americans are stocking up on guns in the latest buying rush induced by Covid-19, reacting to the virus by making sure they are locked and loaded.

“There has been an uptick in ammunition and gun sales, primarily due to the Coronavirus,” explained Chris Miller, a partner and owner in Frank Miller & Son Bait & Sporting Goods.

So the doors keep opening, and the phones keep ringing, as stocks of ammunition grow lower box-by-box at the shop in Owensboro.

Miller says: 9mm, shotgun shells, and .223 and .226 are the most popular calibers, and are going fast.

Though not yet depleted, the ammo–and the guns that go with it–are a hot commodity at the sporting goods store.

As people continue to prepare for the long-term, around the Tri-State, and across the country.

Those at Frank Miller & Son Sporting Goods also add, that it’s taking them longer to get background checks processed through the ATF, because of the higher demand nationwide.



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