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Multiple Scams Impersonate Tri-State First Responders

The Daviess County Sheriff is warning people of a scam that is spoofing the department’s phone number.

According to the Sheriff’s Facebook page, people in the area have been receiving calls from what looks like the official phone number for the sheriff’s office.

The caller is telling people they have missed a court appearance and need to send money right away to avoid being arrested.

The Daviess County Sheriff is reminding the community, deputies do not call asking for money nor do they collect money for any type of warrant of court fee.

This is the third report of scammers impersonating Tri-State first responders in recent weeks.

Henderson Police reported a scam during the first weekend of August, where the caller was identifying themselves as a Henderson County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Back in July, the Owensboro Fire Department warned Kentuckians of a person soliciting donations over the phone while pretending to be an Owensboro Firefighter.



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