Muhlenberg County Stallions Giving Panthers a Great Opportunity

Summer baseball is often used as a chance for young players to get in more work to perfect their craft. Down in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky Wesleyan has a big showing of kids who want to improve, as four panthers are scattered across the roster. The boys from KWC tell our very own Andrew Garcia, that playing together for the Stallions is a unique opportunity, that can help them continue Kentucky Wesleyan baseball’s success, when they return to school in Owensboro.

This year the Muhlenberg County Stallions roster features four Kentucky Wesleyan panthers.

“Having four guys from the same school helps build that continuity with everyone else,” says Stallions Head Coach Brad Rogles. “They came in with a pretty special bond already because they’ve been together with each other through their school season. So when guys see them bond so quickly, and kind of that tight knit relationship they have, it kind of loosens everyone else up and helps build that family atmosphere for the rest of the guys.

“We also live together,” said Stallions CF Reece Puckett. “So we do everything together we eat, sleep, everything. Having those guys everywhere just helps out all the time and plus we’re with everybody else all the time also.”

“It’s good to build some camaraderie get a little competition within ourselves,” said Stallions RHP Allen Howe. “So you can do the best, come out here and compete and grow some good friendships and just see what happens.”

KWC’s representatives look to lead everyone on the team.

“We just try to bring in what we’ve been taught,” said Stallions INF Seth Taylor. “Just play the game of baseball and don’t try to do too much. Bounce off what other people have done and if you don’t get something done, just ask the person behind you to pick you up and try to do what you messed up on.”

“Chemistry helps out a lot,” said Puckett. “Me being the center fielder, you’re kind of the captain of the outfield so I try to help my outfielders with reads and stuff like that. The chemistry between the infielders and outfielders is important. Just having that guy being able to demonstrate that to the other guys.. hopefully it’ll rub off on them.”

The boys from KWC are looking to improve themselves so they can bring more to the table for the panthers after a 30 win campaign.

“I’m just trying to get ready for the spring,” said Stallions LHP Nate Cunningham. “We’re all just young guys here, most of our team is really young and I’m just trying to get some reps and build on my experience as I go into the next college season.”

“A lot of us didn’t play a whole lot at Wesleyan, but it’s great to get some reps under our belt and go back and be ready to compete next spring.”



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