Muhlenberg County Authorities Continue Investigating Suspicious Animal Deaths

Authorities are investigating another case of alleged animal cruelty in Muhlenberg County.

Nearly two months ago, a horse was found shot to death on private property in Greenville, KY. No arrests were ever made and authorities are still investigating but they may have another clue.

Since then, two donkeys in Greenville were found dead by their owner and it seemed mysterious. An ostrich was also found a few miles down the road with a gunshot would puncturing through its neck.

No arrests have been made for the killing of these animals but community members are concerned, especially since livestock is connected to their livelihood.

A quaint and rural community is on high alert after several innocent animals have been killed while on private property. The nature of their death is absolutely chilling.

“They happened within a 10-mile radius south of Greenville,” said Muhlenberg deputy Chris Flener.

“We’ve had incidents since May 18 up to today [Wednesday] of livestock animals being shot.”

The Muhlenberg County Sheriff doesn’t know if there is one person behind these gruesome killings or multiple people.

“It’s hard to tell, but the same caliber type of weapon appeared to have been used,” said Flener.

The string of killings has left one owner baffled.

“Hopefully, with the publicity, they will stop,” said Steve Newman, “but who knows for sure with the mentality like that.”

It all started on May 19 when a horse was found dead in a field off of Kennedy Brasher Road in Greenville. The horse was shot to death no private property the night before.

The only evidence of someone lingering in the area were beer cans found on the side of the road. Whoever shot the horse was never caught.

Then about six weeks later, two donkeys were found dead off of Dockins Road just eight miles away from where the horse was shot.

Then, just three days later, an ostrich was killed after it was shot in the neck.

This new discovery even surprised law enforcement.

“I mean, they are usually just an isolated incident and it doesn’t happen again,” said Flener.

The Ostrich’s owner posted a warning on Facebook alerting other about the incident. They say they didn’t hear the gunshot. They thought they just heard fireworks.

The Muhlenberg County Sheriff says they sent the sent the beer can they found on Kennedy Brasher Road and they’re trying to track down the fingerprints.

They are also working to access phone records from nearby towers to see if any suspicious calls have been made.

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