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Morning Update – Severe Storm Threat

As many of you are probably aware of, the threat of severe weather will be in the forecast for the second half of your Thursday. A mixture daytime heating and warm moist air will interact with an inbound cold front that will generate rounds of stronger to severe storms this afternoon through the evening hours.

The first round of storms will be associated with a warm front moving northward. Storms will develop along the front and move into the area between the hours of 12PM-2PM this afternoon. The second round of storms will form out in front of the progressing cold front between the hours of 3PM-6PM. These storms have the highest probability of producing damaging wind gust and strong tornadoes. The atmosphere will be prime with a lot of buoyancy that will allow these storms to expand vertically, tilt and rotate from top to bottom. This ingredient along with a warm moist air mass is the perfect recipe for super-cellular storm development.

By 8PM, the cold front will finally swing closer to the metro area. A final squall line that could generate damaging wind gust and brief spin ups will be a possibility with this final act.

Summing things up, we are looking at an 11-hour time span of potential severe weather (12PM-11PM). Within that time you really want to make sure you have a way to receive weather alerts throughout the evening. Most importantly, make sure you have a plan in place just in case a warning is issued for the area.



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