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Minor Relief Insight but the Heat Sneaks Back

A much deserving break form the heat and humidity will be apart of the forecast as we enter midweek. Much of August so far has maintain near seasonal averages which are upper-80s in the afternoon and mid-6os for lows. Our cold front this week will assist in alleviating the intense humidity in addition to that we will experience cooler temperatures. To further solidify this great weather blue skies and sunshine will make it more delightful to be outside.

As we get started on Wednesday the dry weather will continue along with breezy northwesterly winds to help limit our temperatures. Many locations across the Tri-State will struggle to get out of the lower-to-mid 80s. Thursday afternoon will follow, with more sunshine and less humidity. Temperatures are forecast to only reach the mid-80s.

Unfortunately, the unseasonable cooler weather comes to a halt by Saturday afternoon. As high pressure settles in the southeast clockwise winds will surge from the Gulf of Mexico back into Tri-State. Upper-80s and lower-90s will be apart of this weekend’s forecast. The inclusion of the humidity will make it feel like the upper-90s and 100s. Once more we will have to properly take precautions and protect yourselves from the dangerous heat. Afternoon showers and storms cannot be ruled out for the weekend.



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